Peter Oldrup - Guitarist




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World Premieres:

-”Throug the Fences, the light falls” by Tan Tuan Hao 4th of February 2015 dedicated to Peter Oldrup

- For Recorder and Guitar by Ole Buck dedicated to Duo Oldrup/Lauridsen 9th of November 2014

- Five pieces on a ground by Lars Hegaard dedicated to Duo Oldrup/Lauridsen 23rd of April 2014 (Supported by the dansih art foundation)

- Adrift by Tan Tuan Hao

- Songs from 05 by Tan Tuan Hao

- “9” for bass recorder and guitar by Christos Farmakis 15th of June 2012 dedicated to Duo Oldrup/Lauridsen



- Kalundborg musikskole

- www.taarbaekguitarskole.dk


Danish Guitar Society:

Boardmember and treasurer since 2008



-Augustinus fonden, Idella Foundation, various funds from RDAM


-Soloist class The Royal Danish Academy of music

- Malmö Academy of Music

- Private studies with Craig Ogden



Marco Socias, Nigel North, Ricardo Gallen, Alvaro Pierri, Ricardo Cobo etc.

For Peter, there is no excuse to be bored. Throughout history, humans have created so much art for everyone to take an interest in. But for Peter it is also important to convey, create and contribute to the development of art.


· The introducer Peter likes to present music in an unpretentious way, when he plays concerts and teaches. He also works tirelessly in the Danish Guitar Society to raise awareness of the classical guitar.


· The creator Peter entrepreneurs new musical projects.


· The contributor Peter collaborates with contemporary composers to create new

repertoire for the guitar.



Peter’s ambitious mind led him in 2015 to give his debut from Denmark's highest musical education, the soloist class. During the study he has been inspired by teachers like Craig Ogden, Göran Söllscher, Jesper Sivebæk, Gunnar Spjuth, Lars Trier and others.



Peter's favorite quote is from the American musician Louis Armstrong: "All music is folk music. I ain’t never heard no horse sing a song." This approach to music will dominate Peter’s future interests and work as introducer, creator and contributor.